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  • Delivering results

    Between us we have decades of practical experience of helping employers and employees resolve their toughest work challenges at the highest levels. This gives us the instinct and insight to make the right judgment calls that make the difference between a good deal and a disappointing one, or between winning and losing.

  • Credibility

    In our work, we regularly deal with top ranked opponents working for the world’s biggest institutions. With such well-resourced opponents, you need credible lawyers whose legal judgment is respected and who have a track record of being prepared to take on the largest global businesses and winning. We have that credibility, both collectively and individually.

    The team is made up of top employment lawyers and is ranked in both Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners. Legal 500 described Gareth Brahams as an “unrelenting opponent”, Arpita Dutt as the “standout rising star”, Ruth Badrick as being “extremely bright” and commented that Alistair French has “a great future ahead of him”. Chambers noted BDBF is “singled out for its strong levels of care and attention” and that our lawyers are “extremely proficient: they know exactly what they're doing."

    Ultimately though, the greatest proof of our quality is the fact that we have made our business out of word of mouth referrals. Former clients refer their contacts. Former opponents recommend us to people they cannot act for. Employers we have sued have instructed us because they want us on their side second time around and subsequently become long standing clients. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our testimonial page for recent feedback taken directly from our clients.

  • Partnership

    Your lawyer can do nothing without getting the right input from you because only you know the full background to your case and the personalities involved. Effective partnership with our clients is crucial. We build those partnerships by being straightforward, down to earth and approachable. We also make a point of ensuring our advice is jargon-free and empathetic. We chose to be employment lawyers because we want to help people and businesses in difficult situations. Our clients think of us as an emergency service because reducing the stress associated with any employment dispute is as much a part of our role as advising on the law.

  • Conflict-free

    If you are in dispute with a major financial institution, we can act for you because we very rarely take on cases on behalf of large banks. We do this in order to ensure we stay conflict free and can therefore act against almost all banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, asset managers, brokers and ratings agencies.

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