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Dismissals and Redundancy

Sometimes people are dismissed for no fair reason; their hiring manager moves on; their face no longer fits; they have upset the Managing Director, etc.  In those circumstances, we will vigorously negotiate the terms of any exit to ensure you are appropriately paid out and your reputation is protected.

If your employer is seeking to dismiss you, it generally needs to have a fair reason for doing so, and needs to follow due process. We will ensure that this is the case.

Redundancy can be an unsettling experience. However, with the right guidance, and by identifying the key questions to ask your employer during redundancy consultations, it can be carefully navigated and even turned to your advantage. We can guide you through the redundancy situation, so that you are subject to the fair and proper process which you are entitled to.

If a redundancy or dismissal process is unfair and results in your dismissal, you may be entitled to compensation for unfair dismissal. We can help you extract that compensation by alerting your employer to its own failings, negotiating a severance and, in the case where this cannot be negotiated with your former employer in a settlement, we will not shy away from obtaining you adequate compensation through litigation in the courts and tribunals.