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Resisting Allegations of Poor Performance or Misconduct

When an employer is accusing you of poor performance or misconduct there are procedural safeguards that your employer needs to observe. We can help take the pressure off you and turn it back on your employer. We do this by ensuring you are given a full chance to state your case, that you are judged against reasonable metrics and standards that are consistent with others in the organisation, and that you are given a real opportunity to improve or, if you would prefer to leave, a severance payment.

An accusation of gross misconduct or incompetence may not only result in the immediate termination of your employment and an unfair or constructive dismissal claim, but may destroy the rest of your career.

If you have been summoned to a meeting to discuss conduct or performance allegations, investing time with one of our employment lawyers who will have seen hundreds of comparable situations from both sides is a real asset.

We have a long track record of helping clients who have been accused of  regulatory breaches, harassment, fraud and other reputation-destroying allegations. We can help clients present their cases persuasively at internal hearings, such that their employers accept that the accusations are either untrue, exaggerated or at the very least do not warrant the ultimate sanction of dismissal. Even at short notice, preparation for disciplinary meetings can pay dividends in either saving you from an unfair dismissal or putting you in the strongest possible position for an unfair, constructive or wrongful dismissal claim in the Employment Tribunal or High Court.

Even if your employer insists on seeing through such allegations to the termination of your employment, we can remove the stain on your reputation and obtain compensation for you through the courts and tribunals.