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Settlement Agreements and Brokering Severances

If your employer offers you a settlement agreement and informs you that, in order to be valid, a lawyer must sign off on it: we can help. Our employment lawyers have decades of combined experience in negotiating severances.

We understand the complexities of remuneration arrangements for financial services executives, fund managers and insurance professionals. We are used to dealing with LTIPs, share options, restricted shares, carried interest, sweet equity and complex bonus arrangements involving good/bad leaver status. We also understand the value of your professional reputation.

We don’t mechanically “rubber stamp” settlement agreements, as some employers would prefer us to do. We analyse your situation to assess the legal position and your bargaining strength, and weigh that against what is on offer in the settlement agreement. We then aim to give you direction on whether you have got a good deal, whether you should negotiate for a better package, or envisage  litigation. We can talk you through the legal undertakings contained in the agreement, and conduct negotiations directly with your employer to ensure that the settlement agreement is tailored to your situation, with the most favourable terms possible.

Sometimes the deal is fair; in which case our clients walk away with the agreement signed in short order. Often, however, clients come out with more money, more favourable terms, fewer (or no) restrictions on the kind of work they can do in the future, and the security of knowing there is nothing else that can be squeezed out of the employer.