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  • Bespoke employment contracts and handbooks

    A business can be destroyed by inadequate contractual protection.  We have seen successful enterprises damaged, sometimes fatally, by former employees who steal clients, take confidential information, disrupt commercial arrangements and poach staff when they leave.  A bespoke, soundly drafted contract will put you in a far stronger position to take decisive action to crush that threat than a contract taken “off the shelf”.  

    We also specialise in drafting handbooks and policies which match the evolving modern workplace and the legal and practical issues that it gives rise to.

  • Changing terms and conditions

    Business needs inevitably fluctuate, but employment contracts are fixed in stone unless they can be varied by agreement or changed through a lawful process.  We are skilled and experienced in helping employers change terms and conditions to give businesses the flexibility to ensure staff contracts align with what the business needs from day to day.

  • Avoiding litigation - early stage advice

    Win or lose, employment litigation is, at best, an expensive distraction from running a business.  

    Our early stage advice is informed by our extensive experience of advising employees. This experience gives us the understanding of how to get to the quickest and most cost effective resolution of potential employment disputes.

  • TUPE - selling or buying a business and outsourcing

    Whether in a business sale, merger, acquisition, outsourcing or insourcing we know how to navigate the difficulties and exploit the potential upsides of TUPE.  

    Mergers and acquisitions succeed where the staff retained in the business are looked after. If redundancies need to be made, the process needs to be done quickly and well. TUPE adds complexity to the already challenging HR role. We give practical and grounded advice on how to handle the employment challenges so that staff issues do not undermine the commercial rationale for the transaction. We are recognised experts on this complex area of law.  We work in partnership with you to make sure the acquisition or merger is a success.

  • Updates on employment law and employer rights

    Whether employment law is being scaled back by the Coalition or new regulations are being introduced, employment law changes very rapidly.  We keep the businesses we work with up to speed with changes in the law that affect them.  We provide free training for our employer clients and our lawyers are used to delivering webinars, updates to HR teams and equality training to the wider workforce.

  • Severances and settlement agreements

    It is a commonly held fallacy that it is next to impossible to dismiss staff without giving rise to legal and financial exposure.  We will direct you to pragmatic and commercial solutions to ensure that you are able to take decisive action in respect of staff dismissals. Our advice will allow you to focus on making your business a success without the undue cost and disruption which can be caused by departing employees.

  • Defending you in the courts and tribunals

    Sometimes, no matter how fair or pragmatic you have been, litigation in the courts or tribunals cannot be avoided. On other occasions, you may actively seek out litigation to prove a point to the workforce or it is an unavoidable feature of protecting your business.

    Our team has vast experience of handling and winning the largest and most high profile disputes. We use that experience to help you give the best evidence you can, make the strongest representations and manage the reputational damage that litigation can involve. If you do choose to litigate, we will give you the best chance of winning.

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