Partnerships & LLPS

It is not just law firms – many businesses are structured as LLPs or partnerships. While some aspects of employment law do apply, it is important to know that partnership & LLP law is markedly different; as such you need a lawyer who understands the nuances of these areas of law.

We can provide you with technical, strategic and pragmatic advice in relation to: your joining the business, leaving it (whether through retirement or expulsion), your duties, the enforceability of your restrictive covenants (and, if relevant, those of other team members), your right to be protected from discrimination, and whistleblower rights.

Partner Team Moves
Inevitably there comes a time for most people when they will want to move to greener pastures – and if they work well together, they may want to take the team along with them.

While whole team moves can be achieved, they are logistically and legally complex. Most importantly, partners/members tend to be limited by restrictive covenants, limiting what they can do when they leave their old firm. Given our experience, we can explain what those restrictive covenants mean for you in practice, and how you can best to move forward.

We have seen both sides of team moves disputes in the past, and understand the risks to both members and firms. Using our considerable prior experience, we will help you to design and implement a strategy to get the best results for you and your colleagues, and make the move a reality.

Partner Appointments
Getting a new job is stressful.. This is especially the case when the terms of appointment to a partnership or LLP need to be negotiated.

Let us make the process easier by guiding you through the negotiation process; we have successfully undertaken this for many senior partnership negotiations; ensuring that both parties are delighted with the outcome.

Working out the commercial and legal points of the partner appointment from the outset will get your relationship off to a good start because it ensures clarity, openness and goodwill, reducing the chance of any disputes later; this is where our experience proves crucial. A well-negotiated agreement will also pay dividends later if the parties decide that they want to go their separate ways.

Partner Exits
Pressures can be high when a partner or LLP member is facing a forced expulsion or retirement from a firm.  There are the matters of: outstanding profit share and incentive entitlements, the return of investment capital, client relationships and, not least, reputations to consider.

In these situations, prior experience really does count. We have been on both sides of disputes like these, and are experienced in bringing them to an amicable resolution. Whichever side you are on, it is important to understand your situation and the options available. By engaging our team, we will guide you through the process of working out the very best strategy to achieve your objectives, protecting your position and interests, and ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Partner Underperformance and Misconduct

Nobody wants to be accused of misconduct or underperformance. It can lead to a stressful and difficult time for all involved.

Partners will want to protect their position, be it legal, financial, or in respect of their status with the relevant regulatory body.

Wherever you stand in the dispute, let us guide you through the process to achieve a positive resolution.  By letting us take the weight off your shoulders, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that you have the very best legal representation on your side.

Partner Restrictive Covenants

Most partners and LLP members have restraints on their activities once they leave a firm. Restrictive covenants can limit the firms you can work for, the clients you can contact, or the suppliers you can use. They can also stop you from taking your colleagues with you. This is naturally problematic for a departing partner or a member looking for new opportunities.  

We regularly advise individuals on the interpretation of restrictive covenants, if they are enforceable, and on the best strategic route to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes. We can help you to defend against emergency court relief, and will help you to get the right results.

Partner Whistleblowing & Discrimination
Whistleblowing and discrimination are both highly sensitive and contentious matters that require considerable client empathy and specialist legal knowledge. Due to our experience in these areas, we are widely considered to be an authority in matters of whistleblowing and discrimination, and can offer advice and support when issues of that nature arise in partnerships or LLPs.