Pay and Bonus Disputes

Senior executives’ remuneration packages are complex and, even if your bonuses are said to be ‘discretionary’, you still have rights. If you have been denied your bonus that you rightfully believed you were owed, or have been paid significantly less than expected, your employer may be in breach of your employment contract. By engaging our team, we will ensure you receive what you are entitled to.

We have a long and successful track record of helping senior executives receive what they legitimately expected to receive, including in the context of long-term incentive plans and other deferred remuneration schemes. If you work in financial services, we can also advise you on the regulatory aspects of your bonuses and remuneration.

If you are a female senior executive working in financial or professional services, it is likely you are being paid less than your male colleagues who undertake similar work. We can investigate the details of your position and remuneration with your employer and where possible negotiate a back-pay deal, or if the loss will impact you significantly in the future, help you to bring a successful equal pay claim in the courts and tribunals.