Whistleblowing Claims

If you see any wrongdoing or malpractice in your place of work, the thought of blowing the whistle can be daunting. But by raising your concerns to management, you are acting honourably and correctly, in the best interests of your employer, the other workers, and yourself. No employer should ever ignore or reject the valid concerns of anyone who is courageous enough to raise them. By engaging with our team, we will listen to your concerns and help you determine the best way forward.

In some professions, for example, in financial services, law and healthcare, you may have obligations under a specific code of conduct to raise any concerns you have. We can help ensure that you blow the whistle in a manner which will give you protection under whistleblowing law.

Many clients also come to us having already blown the whistle at work and suffered as a result. They may be facing disciplinary action, have been passed over for promotion, suspended or dismissed. We will help you to fight your corner. We have been involved in several high-profile whistleblowing cases for senior executives in financial services, insurance, professional services, the oil and gas industry and for NHS medical consultants.

We have won many employment tribunal whistleblowing claims and are renowned for obtaining compensation on behalf of people who have made allegations of malpractice and had their careers thwarted. Our work has even informed government consultations on changes in whistleblowing law.

Once the whistle has been blown, we will manage any reputational issues that occur, ensuring that you are not penalised in your future career for raising legitimate concerns with your former employer.

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