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Fathers at Work – Understanding Paternity Leave

The number of men taking time off work when their baby is born is falling. Despite the government’s attempts to encourage fathers to increase the time they spend caring for their children, it seems many men do not take advantage of their statutory right to paternity leave.

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Redundancy Guide For Employers

Redundancy Guide For Employers Whether you are looking to reorganise your business to change the structure or skills mix or just reduce headcount, we can support your business if a redundancy situation arises. We understand that redundancy can be a...

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  It is imperative directors understand their duties and obligations, not only during an insolvency, but prior to the company’s collapse. Even if personal liability is not established, in cases where there is significant media interest, such as that of Carillion,...

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  Given the potentially serious consequences of getting it wrong, here are some top tips for employers to prevent harassment and deal with allegations.

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