TUPE – Selling or Buying a Business and Outsourcing

Business sales, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, or insourcing can involve upheaval for businesses and staff. TUPE comes with its own set of complex obligations that must be adhered to in the event of such business changes. Our experienced lawyers know how to navigate the difficulties of TUPE, and crucially, exploit its potential upsides.

Whether you aim to retain staff or to make redundancies, by engaging our services, you will receive clear, practical, and no-nonsense advice on how to handle any employment-related challenges, ensuring that staff issues do not stand in the way of a successful transaction.

Under TUPE regulations you have a duty to inform and consult employees affected by the business change. Where new employees will be joining your existing workforce, our advice will provide guidance on how to harmonise their terms and conditions of employment, without falling foul of the constraints of TUPE.

We are recognised experts in this complex area of law and will work in partnership with you to make sure the acquisition, merger or outsourced services contract is a success.

In addition, our lawyers also specialise in providing general advice on the employment aspects of large corporate transactions. With some of our team having come from the biggest law firms in the City, we have expertise spanning from small-scale projects all the way up to complex international acquisitions. We often work either directly with clients or with other law firms on projects of this type.