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Our FAQs will answer the key issues you have on difficult employment law issues affecting your working life. They are not a substitute for practical advice, tailored to your situation and specific business sector, but they're a helpful start.

Senior Managers Regime in financial services

For those working in the financial services sector who are subject to the Senior Managers Regime, our specialist team can advise you of and help you to remain within your obligations, allowing you to have peace of mind that you are not exposed to unnecessary personal risk.

constructive dismissal


If you think that your employer is deliberately making your working life unnecessarily difficult, and that your situation is no longer tenable, let us help you. We have been successful in many complex constructive dismissal claims and can achieve the same for you.



If you have observed wrongdoing at work and are considering whistleblowing at work but are worried about the process, your anonymity and actual or potential repercussions, our reputed expertise can ensure that you are protected under whistleblowing law.