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Welcome to BDBF LLP

We are a top ranked specialist employment law firm based in the City of London, Canary Wharf and Mayfair led by recognised leaders in our field.

Between us we have decades of practical experience of helping employers, LLPs, senior employees and partners resolve their toughest work challenges at the highest levels.

This gives us the ability to make the judgment calls that turn a bad deal into a good one, or are the difference between winning and losing.

We are experienced in litigation and advisory work and understand how to deliver practical commercial solutions to our clients.

We are particularly renowned for our work in the financial and professional services sector but also have extensive experience in other fields such as media and healthcare. Our industry insight and our bespoke approach helps our clients obtain the best results.

We regularly act against the largest banks, such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Nomura and Credit Suisse, amongst others.

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Taxing News

Employers everywhere, sharpen your pencils and find your calculators. Tax on employment termination payments has changed and you will need to dust off your arithmetic. The objective of the new regime is said to be tax simplification but...

Employer discriminated against employee because of perceived disability

An employer was found to have directly discriminated against an employee on the basis of a hearing disability it perceived that employee to have. The Employment Appeal Tribunal stated that the evidence clearly showed that the Acting Chief...

Injury to feelings awards available in breach of working time cases

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has decided that compensation for injury to feelings can in principle be awarded in respect of working time detriment claims. This type of compensation is available in trade union and whistleblowing...