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Spotlight: Emily Plosker

As part of our celebration of BDBF’s 10 years, we interviewed Managing Associate, Emily Plosker, who has been with the firm since day one and is BDBF’s longest-serving employee. Emily was also recently named as an “Associate to Watch” by Chambers and Partners.

Tell us about your background and how your career with BDBF started?

I had various pre-law career aspirations from actor, journalist and as a children’s support worker. I completed an English degree at Sussex. Eventually, I settled on law – I felt that it allows me to use my critical thinking skill set and would enable me to help people in a pragmatic way.

What interests you most about your practice?

I find people fascinating and I am always surprised by the different situations in which they find themselves in. Work plays such an important part of everyone’s lives. When that part starts to breakdown, it can have terrible repercussions. However, in employment law most people tend to get to the other side and are able to move on. It’s a good balance between the personal and the (in the vast majority of cases) good outcomes.

What makes BDBF distinct?

The firm’s roots mean that it is able to quickly adapt to both the clients and businesses’ needs. There is a huge sense of responsibility and integrity towards our clients and getting them the best outcome. There is also a great collegiate and supportive atmosphere. And true to the firm’s core values there is a good work life balance and in particular accommodating the needs of those with young families.

How has the firm evolved over the past 10 years?

Well, the offices for starters! At the beginning, we were all crammed into quite a small and (pointlessly) partitioned walled space. We now have a really nice space at Bank. The team has grown significantly in that time too. That said though, the core focus of our work and values have remained the same.

What are your proudest achievements?

I am always gratified when I achieve a great result for clients, especially those involving complex sex discrimination or whistleblowing. However, personally, I feel proud to have watched my core employer client base grow over the years – it’s been wonderful to be a part of that. Having been at the firm for 10 years, it has also been hugely rewarding to help and nurture the new generation of BDBF-ers.

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