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Compensation ordered for failure to provide employee liability information where there was a reasonable belief employees would bring claims

The First Tier Tribunal has held that an outgoing employer breached its obligations under the TUPE regulations by failing to notify the incoming employer of potential claims for unlawful deductions of wages. The fact that the failure to pay happened after the deadline for notification was not a barrier, as the outgoing employer had reasonable grounds for believing wages would go unpaid before it passed information to the incoming employer.

EAT holds TUPE transfer has taken place after share sale

Normally, a share sale would not constitute a TUPE transfer because the identity of the employer does not change. However, the courts have accepted that there may be a transfer of an undertaking to a holding company or a sister company following a share sale. In this case, the control exercised by the parent company of the purchaser of the target’s shares and extensive integration exercises carried out by it led to the judgment that there had been a TUPE transfer.