BDBF top ranked by Chambers UK in their 2022 Guide

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We are pleased to announce that BDBF has once again been top ranked by Chambers UK in their 2022 Guide with all BDBF’s partners named as leading individuals.

Here is the outstanding feedback on our team.

Employment: Senior Executives – Band 1

The team:

“They are incredibly committed to their clients and they give them robust and clear advice that is focused on getting the best result.”

“They are client-centric and they were flexible in the face of constraints imposed by the pandemic.”

“fantastic service that is very attentive and client-focused.”

All of our partners have been ranked as leading individuals and senior associates, Clare Brereton and Emily Plosker, are named as associates to watch.

Gareth Brahams (Band 1) – “He is very strategic and he understands the human dynamic behind cases.” “He does not give up and he will strive to get the result for his client.” “He is a terrific litigator, he’s seen it all and done it all, and he’s tactically very sound.”

Claire Dawson (Band 2)“I find her to be outstanding – she gives trusted counsel and has a solutions-driven approach.” “She is a very reassuring person to have on your case.”

Paula Chan (Band 2) – “I find her advice to be sound, pragmatic and thorough.” “I am extremely impressed by her knowledge and her analysis, as well as her ability to talk to clients in language that they understand.”

Polly Rodway (Band 3) “Polly is accessible, she is responsive, she can quickly digest documents and information, and she is clear in her responses.” “She is thorough and she is willing to engage with difficult points.”

Nick Wilcox (Band 4) – “He is technically astute, conscientious and pragmatic.” “He is very well prepared, he is not intimidated by facing up to large corporates, he is a tough litigator and he looks to take on interesting points of law.”

Clare Brereton (Associate to Watch) – “She has an outstanding work ethic, she is responsive, she has seemingly limitless reserves of patience and she exhibits sensitivity to the impact of challenging litigation on her clients.” “She has years of experience under her belt, she is very impressive in cases with a mental health element and she is very good with clients.”

Emily Plosker (Associate to Watch) – “Emily Plosker is extremely conscientious, she is organised and she really cares about her clients.” “She is outstanding – she has first-rate knowledge of the law and she has very good client care skills.”

Thank you to our clients, counsel and peers for the incredible feedback.

If you would like to discuss your employment law needs please contact your usual BDBF contact, email us at or call us on 0203 828 0350.

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