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Employment Law News

HR Consultant’s letter could bind employer to higher pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal held that Sheffield City Council was bound by the rates of pay erroneously set out in a letter from an HR consultant to its employees. It was held that the letter was binding on the employer because the HR consultant was held out as being authorised to make this communication.

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The Courts cannot re-write badly drafted contracts

An employment contract had been poorly thought through so that on a literal interpretation of the post termination non-compete restrictions within it, no protection was given to the employer. The Court of Appeal held that words could not be added to protect the employer’s interests in a badly struck deal.

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Advocate General thinks severe obesity may be a disability

The Advocate General has given an opinion that ‘severe’ obesity could amount to a disability under the Equal Treatment Framework Directive. He thought that only people with a body mass index of 40 or over would suffer sufficient hindrance to participation in professional life to be considered disabled.

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