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Advice and representation for employers

Our narrow but deep field of focus ensures that our employment lawyers will have come across a situation like yours before and will know what to do. We have specialist expertise in representing employers in financial services, insurance, professional and legal services, the regulated sectors, and technology - the common factor is people-focused businesses.

How we help employers

All law firms will tell you that they invest in building client relationships and deliver great service. We think actions speak louder than words. Our specialist expertise allows us to take a practical and hands-on approach to solving your employment related problems. BDBF was founded because we thought that we could offer our clients more, by doing things differently (we were right). We incentivise every single employee in our firm to deliver for our clients. We set our lawyers much lower billable hours targets than our competitors, so we have time to learn about our clients and how they like to work. This also means that we are responsive and engaged, and able to focus on your matter.

Our ethos has always been to partner with employers long-term. This allows us to truly get to know your business and act proactively, providing the advice you need throughout the life-cycle of your venture, from conception through reorganisations and (a possible) sale. Our clients benefit not only from the confidence of knowing
they are advised in a way that ensures they are alive to any changes in employment regulations, but from a long-term trusted relationship with a firm that understands their commercial ambitions.

Employment disputes can be stressful and affect company morale and productivity. Having an employment lawyer on your side, providing expert advice and protecting your interests, allows you to focus on growing and looking after your business.

We love what we do and are truly experts in our sole field of employment law. This is recognised by the legal directories as well as by our peers. We receive most of our work through recommendation, including from some of the most well-known law firms in the market.

Our sectoral knowledge, allied to our specialism in our field is what makes us so successful for our clients.

All our partners are involved in running our business. We know what it’s like to make tough decisions. Together with our team, we translate that day-to-day experience into pragmatic and hands-on support for you. We won’t advise you to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves.

Despite our big reputation, we are a small firm. Every client is important to us and we strive to reflect that in the exceptional service we deliver. It seems to work; our stable client base includes over 200 employers from start-ups to multinationals.

By choosing BDBF, you are assured of receiving advice and representation from lawyers whose sole focus is not only on employment law, but employment law in the finance, insurance, legal, healthcare and technology sectors.

You will have named lawyers to go to for advice and to build a relationship with, led by a partner or senior lawyer, not just a team of people who you don’t know.

If you are looking for a London-based employment law firm who you can partner with long-term and who is truly interested in your business and long-term success, then contact us to start a conversation.

Sector Expertise

Financial Services & Insurance

We have a wealth of experience in acting for hedge funds, private equity firms, asset managers,  smaller investment banks, and broking firms in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Legal & Professional Services

Gareth Brahams set up and grew BDBF to a leading specialist law firm and has worked at large full service law firms, giving the us the inside-track on the issues firms face.

Technology & Start Ups

From start-ups to the global stars of tomorrow, we advise businesses with great ideas on how to protect their assets with bespoke employment contracts, policies and real world advice.

Advice and representation for employers

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