Redundancies and Workplace Changes

Modern and progressive businesses need to be agile in the face of unprecedented change and uncertainty. To survive and thrive means reacting quickly to evolving market conditions, financial circumstances, regulatory developments and, of course, political consequences such as Brexit.

We can help your business restructure in terms of shape, size, structure, headcount, skills mix or terms and conditions of employment. Unfortunately, this might mean making positions redundant; something that we have helped many businesses (large and small) do successfully, without any damage to their reputation. We will provide forthright and practical advice on what constitutes genuine redundancy and how to implement a fair redundancy process, including: (i) consulting the affected employees, (ii) applying a fair selection process, (iii) considering alternative employment, and (iv) ensuring that redundant employees receive the correct redundancy pay entitlements. Where 20 or more employees are to be dismissed, we advise on the additional requirements for collective redundancy consultation.

We are also adept at dealing with the tricky issues that arise from changing terms and conditions of employment.

By engaging our team, we will provide best practice guidance, support your team to plan the change process and timelines carefully, prepare the necessary documents, address queries, and deal with any unexpected eventualities. While we will work to ensure they are avoided, we can help you manage any fall-out and resultant disputes if they do occur. We know how to cut through the legal complexity and find a practical solution to achieve your objectives.

For more information, please see our Redundancy Guide for Employers.