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Dismissals and Negotiated Departures

Dismissals and departures are a necessary and important part of the life-cycle of any business. But a lack of understanding of the proper process that must be followed can mean costly mistakes are made. 

Correctly handled, departures need not give rise to legal or financial exposure. This is where our pragmatic and commercial advice will help ensure the process is completed so that your business is fully protected.

We can help you determine the best procedure to follow which reflects the priorities of your business, e.g. to minimise cost, expedite departure, set a precedent, send a message, protect against competition or keep things cordial. We know how to weigh up the options and navigate through a performance or disciplinary process or negotiated exit. We will ensure your team thoroughly understands the risks associated with the process, allowing them to take a balanced approach to managing the dismissal or departure.

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