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Starting a new role with a new company or your current employer is an exciting time. And it can be easy just to sign your new employment contract without thoroughly reviewing it first; something that you may later wish you had done. 

By engaging us before you sign, we will fully review your terms and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your new contract works for you in all respects, including dismissal protections, remuneration terms, and post-termination restrictions.

If you work in financial services, the Senior Managers and Certification Regime makes reviewing your contract before you sign it essential. The regime places a presumption of responsibility on all senior managers in their contracts, which could mean that institutional failures have financial and career-limiting consequences on an individual level. 

We have particular expertise in advising senior employees on the terms and conditions of their employment contracts. We understand the added complexities of remuneration arrangements for financial services and insurance professionals. This includes considering and negotiating key matters for senior executives and board directors, such as restrictive covenants and notice periods. We can also guide you through the complex regulations relating to bonuses and remuneration in the financial sector.

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