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Sometimes, while everything has been done to avoid it, litigation simply cannot be avoided. And in some situations, you may even actively seek to litigate, perhaps to prove a point to the workforce or to protect your business proactively.

When it comes to litigation, experience and reputation is everything. Our specialist team has vast experience of winning some of the largest and most high-profile employment disputes in recent years. By engaging our services, we will use that experience to put you in the strongest possible position, manage any reputational damage that eventuates, and importantly, take the weight off your shoulders, to allow you to focus on running your enterprise.

We can provide guidance if your business is threatened by current or former employees who are stealing your confidential information, soliciting clients, or poaching your staff. Our experience means that we know the tactics and pressure points, and can pursue creative options to get the result you need.

If you decide to litigate, we will give you the best chance of winning.

We are tenacious and fearless litigators. Our experience extends to High Court claims as well as Employment Tribunals. In addition to a wide range of employment claims, we can assist with the Early Conciliation process, injunctions, and contractual disputes.

Information on our typical fees for defending wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal claims can be found here.

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