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Raising Concerns About Work Issues (Grievances)

We are often faced with clients who are unhappy at work. There can be any number of reasons, of which some may amount to an employment-related claim such as whistleblowing, discrimination, bullying, harassment or underpayment of contractual pay (such as a bonus).

If you are having problems at work, often the first step towards protecting your legal position is to draft a clear and robust grievance letter, in accordance with your employer’s policies.

We will help you convey your complaints as effectively and persuasively as possible, and ensure that your grievance packs a punch from a legal perspective. Our drafting makes employers sit up and realise that they are dealing with an individual who will not be subdued.

Once the grievance process is underway, we will guide you through each stage in a clear and constructive way.

A well-executed, hard-hitting grievance or written statement setting out your position can lead to an effective and immediate result. If it does not, the grievance letter is often the foundation of a strong case, and we can use our expertise in employment litigation to help you to take matters further.

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