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Employment Discrimination and Harassment

We have extensive experience and expertise in advising senior employees, directors, LLP members and partners in sensitive, complex and high value disputes on the full range of discrimination and harassment issues. We appreciate just how distressing it can be to suffer such treatment in the workplace. We will be there to support you through the process, and at the same time we will fight to achieve the resolution that you deserve.

Discrimination law protects job applicants, workers and those who have left employment from being discriminated against in connection with certain “protected characteristics”, namely:

  • sex;
  • race;
  • disability;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • age;
  • sexual orientation;
  • religion or belief;
  • gender reassignment; and
  • marriage and civil partnership.

Harassment protection applies to all of these protected characteristics apart from pregnancy and maternity and marriage and civil partnership. There are special protections from sexual harassment at work and such conduct may also amount to a criminal offence.

If you have suffered discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment at work, we can support and guide you through the entire process including:

  • advising you of your rights and legal claims (including any related claims such as unfair dismissal, breach of contract or stress at work claims);
  • how to raise the strongest possible grievance complaint with your employer and manage the internal grievance process, through to appeal if necessary;
  • advising whether your complaint also amounts to whistleblowing and whether a disclosure should be made to a relevant regulator, such as the SRA or FCA;
  • negotiating the best possible settlement for you if you wish to exit the business;
  • representing you in claims before an Employment Tribunal and/or the High Court if you wish to litigate; and
  • managing any media interest in your case.

We have a formidable reputation in the City for litigating some of the highest profile and complex discrimination and harassment cases, which often result in significant reputational as well as financial consequences for the employer and, in some cases, co-workers. Our lawyers have been noted by the legal directories as being leading experts in this field.

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