Bespoke Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Any business with inadequate employee documentation or contractual protection is vulnerable. Successful enterprises are often damaged, sometimes fatally, by former employees who steal clients, take confidential information, disrupt commercial arrangements, and poach staff when they leave. This is all easily avoidable. We frequently advise firms on the importance of implementing tailored and enforceable restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations for employees. Core to our ethos is our commitment to listening carefully to your needs, with a view to ensuring a bespoke, robust employment contract based on best practice and the needs of your growing business is drafted – this will put you in a strongest possible position.

In addition, we specialise in creating employment handbooks and policies. These essential documents are put together in such a way as to address the legal and practical implications of the rapidly evolving modern workplace and legislative changes, e.g. in relation to social media, family-friendly rights such as Shared Parental Leave, remote working, cloud-based technologies, gig economy arrangements and complex working patterns.

Having clear legal policies that are easily accessible will help show how your business has complied with the law, and will limit the risk of claims by employees and third parties. A good example is having an effective social media policy to ensure that your employees don’t bring your business into online disrepute, breach confidentiality or leave you liable for their online misconduct, while still permitting appropriate social media use.

In short, prevention is better than cure. Our documents will help you achieve and demonstrate legal compliance, manage business risk, pre-empt employee disputes, and provide practical guidance to managers.