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Know How Update – 19 February 2019

Know How Update – 19 February 2019

Mancunian Broadcaster, Terry Christian, has controversially stated that if Brexit leads to job losses then “leavers” should be sacked first as he believes that it is the right thing to do morally. 

As a result, a backlash has erupted after he recently tweeted a poll asking the public what should happen next if the economy shrank due to Brexit. The poll results showed that half of those who voted in the poll agreed that “Leave” voters from the 2016 referendum should lose their jobs first although others believed that this was simply fear mongering and the fact that the pound has dropped has actually resulted in our goods becoming more competitive than ever. 

It remains to be seen whether or not business owners have, in fact, followed this stance or will do although Mr Christian claims that some have. Yet, he agrees that Brexiteers were conned in the run-up to the Referendum and it’s also unclear how any employer could know with any real certainty whether an employee did, in fact, vote leave unless they told their employers.

If an employer did single out staff for dismissal because of how they voted in the 2016 referendum, it would certainly lead to unfair dismissal claims by the individuals affected if they have more than two years service.  It might also be discrimination on the grounds of belief though that is a more complicated question.

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