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Whistleblowing case won on behalf of Head of Finance and Operations at Tesco

Claim against Tesco Pension Investment Limited – ET

Our client, was the Head of Finance and Operations at Tesco Pension Investment Management Limited. He was dismissed in May 2020, purportedly for poor performance. He brought claims for automatic unfair dismissal on the basis of whistleblowing, whistleblowing detriment and race discrimination.

The Employment Tribunal found that the principal reason for his dismissal was not his performance but because he had made two protected disclosures. The first related to the way in which TPI had sought to impose new employment contracts on its employees and the second related to overcharging of its pension fund. His dismissal was therefore found to be automatically unfair.

The team at BDBF acting in this matter was Gareth Brahams and Clare Brereton.

Click here for the full tribunal findings for this case.