Arpita Dutt, Author at BDBF LLP

Positive Action in the Workplace

Positive Action in the Workplace The use of positive action in the workplace is frequently seen as a minefield by employers. Arpita Dutt, Founding Partner and Amanda Steadman, Knowledge Lawyer of BDBF LLP seek to demystify positive action. In this booklet accompanied...

Top notch growth for BDBF

Leading specialist employment law firm, BDBF, adds three further employment lawyer hires bringing their headcount to 6 partners and 10 associates.

Fathers at Work – Understanding Paternity Leave

The number of men taking time off work when their baby is born is falling. Despite the government’s attempts to encourage fathers to increase the time they spend caring for their children, it seems many men do not take advantage of their statutory right to paternity leave.


The Claimant, Mrs Coffey, applied to the Wiltshire Constabulary to become a police constable. However, a medical examination revealed that she suffered from some hearing loss. Following Home Office guidance, the Wiltshire Constabulary arranged for a practical functionality test, which she passed.