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Injury to feelings payment for sexual harassment

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Injury to feelings payment for sexual harassment

A woman who was sexually harassed by her employer has been awarded £14,000 as compensation for injury to feelings.

Ms Majid was employed by AA Solicitors while she was taking the legal practice course. The firm’s only solicitor, Mr Ali, sexually harassed Ms Majid in a number of ways. This included asking her out, commenting on her figure, talking about putting a bed in the spare office, and touching her in ways that made her feel uncomfortable. Ms Majid was dismissed once she rejected Mr Ali’s advances.

The majority of Ms Majid’s claims for sexual harassment were upheld. The Employment Tribunal awarded Ms Majid a modest sum for lost earnings, £14,000 for injury to feelings and £4,000 in aggravated damages.

The award in this case is notable, as it is likely significantly more than Ms Majid earned in the 6 weeks or so she was working at the firm.

AA Solicitors Ltd (t/a AA Solicitors) and another v Majid UKEAT 0217/15