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City Giving Day 2017 – BDBF Supports Smart Works

City Giving Day 2017 – BDBF Supports Smart Works

Tuesday 26 September 2017 is City Giving Day, and BDBF will be supporting Smart Works.

Smart Works is a UK charity dedicated to supporting unemployed women back into the workplace. This means providing women with a free styling session and an interview outfit they pick out with the support of stylists. Each client selects a full head-to-toe outfit including shoes, accessories and jewellery to ensure that they look and feel confident and professional. Women get to keep the outfit so that they will always be prepared with something to wear in a professional setting for an interview or employment opportunity.

Following the styling session, Smart Works offers each client specialised coaching from experienced executives and HR professionals on interview techniques and presentation skills. This training teaches women what to expect at an interview and the best ways to highlight their strengths to better their chances of employment.

Once women have secured jobs, they are invited back for a second dressing appointment with Smart Works’ stylists to choose five more pieces of workwear that will ensure their wardrobe is professional and suited to their new job. They are also given the opportunity to join a network of other women to share the knowledge and experience they have gained and motivate each other to continue their personal and professional development.

As a firm which deals with people who have lost their jobs on a daily basis, BDBF is proud to support Smart Works’ initiatives to give women a better chance of re-entering the job market.

In order to support the cause, BDBF will be taking donations on City Giving Day of women’s office wear, outer wear, shoes, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics to pass to Smart Works. The collection will take place during business hours at BDBF’s office at Monument Place.

For those who are unable to donate, Smart Works welcomes cash donations to support their work. For more information on ways to donate, and how Smart Works utilises financial donations, please visit:

Smart Works – Get Involved – Donate Money